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Welcome Mat Detroit is one of several initiatives stemming from a Global Detroit study released in 2010. Global Detroit is a key player in the effort to revitalize Detroit by capitalizing on its international talent. The 2010 Global Detroit study revealed several key findings:


  1. 1. Michigan immigrants are well-educated and a positive addition to our talent attraction efforts.
  2. 2. American and Michigan immigrants have the education and skill in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields critical to creating new jobs and industries.
  3. 3. American and Michigan immigrants start the high-tech and venture-capital businesses that lead our entry into the new economy.
  4. 4. American and Michigan immigrants invent the new technologies that will continue to drive future job creation and regional prosperity.
  5. 5. Michigan immigrants are more entrepreneurial and more likely to start businesses.
  6. 6. Michigan immigrants are productive, hard-working, and more likely to be of working age.
  7. 7. Metro Detroit’s immigrants disproportionately contribute to regional prosperity.
  8. 8. Immigrants are unique catalysts for economic renewal and population growth in cities like Detroit and the region’s other core communities.
  9. 9. Immigrants decrease crime and raise property values.


Recognizing and responding to the need for Michigan to embrace foreign-born populations, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder launched the statewide Global Michigan initiative within the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. "Make no mistake about it, [immigrants] are job creators and we should be embracing that." 


To amplify the benefits that immigrants bring to this region, Welcome Mat Detroit was designed to accelerate their adaptation and multiply their opportunities. The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit and ACCESS have teamed up to accomplish these goals. These partner organizations have more than 130 years local experience serving the needs of immigrants.