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The Welcome Mat allows you to search our on-line database for immigrant services, agencies, clubs, groups, institutions, and resources to meet your needs.  Integrate or connect with an immigrant community. Live local, but connect global!  Find ethnic or international events happening in Southeast Michigan.  How can we help you today?

Driver's License Assistance

Organization Overview:  ACA is dedicated to the mission of advancing the social, political, economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. Their Goals are: Promote active participation of Chinese/Asian Pacific Americans in both civic and national matters; secure social justice, equal opportunity, and equal treatment of Asian Pacific Americans; Bridge the social, economic gaps amoung Asian Americans; Eliminate prejudices and stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans; Promote the cultural heritage of Chinese and all APA; Promote the coalition building between Asians and mainstream organizations; serve the community through education and service regardless of race, creed, and ethnicities; maintain effective communication with ACA members and the community at large.
Language:  Cantonese,Mandarin Chinese,English,Mandarin Chinese
Cultures:  Asian,Chinese
Street:  32585 Concord Dr.
City/Township:  Madison Heights
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48071
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 585-9343
Fax No:  (888) 708-2739
Organization Name:  Freedom House
Organization Overview:  Freedom House is a temporary home for survivors of persecution from around the world seeking legal asylum in the United States and Canada. We are the only agency in the United States that provides all services needed by those fleeing persecution in their home country Each year, hundreds of men, women and children arrive at Freedom House seeking shelter and help in rebuilding their lives in safety and freedom. They typically arrive exhausted, hungry and traumatized, with little more than the clothes they are wearing. Freedom House has the capacity to house 35 people at a time as they seek asylum. However, we take great pride in not turning away anyone who is eligible for asylum, which means we nearly always operate above capacity.
Language:  English,French,Spanish
Cultures:  All
Street:  2630 W. Lafayette
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48216
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 964-4320
Fax No:  (313) 963-1077
Organization Overview:  The Michigan Ethnic Friendship Center provides a place where individuals of different nationalities can join together, learn new skills, and build new relationships. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or attending classes, you can contact POBLO International Ministries at: (313) 563-2051.
Language:  Arabic,English,Hindi,Punjabi,Spanish,Urdu
Cultures:  All,Arabic,Asian,Bangaladeshi,Hispanic,Indian,Pakistani
Street:  35555 Garfield Road, Suite 7
City/Township:  Clinton Township
State:  Michigan
Zip Code:  48035
Country:  USA
Phone:  (586) 477-1530
Fax No:  (586) 477-1548
Organization Overview:  Embracing the Past....Building on the Future. The International Institute is dedicated to working with foreign-born and with all Americans in the constant task of solving social problems, acculturation, education and acceptance. It provides and utilizes human and physical resources to advance the welfare and the integration of the foreign-born and their relatives; foster community awareness that varied cultures contribute to the richness of American life; and serve other organizations in the areas of its competence.
Language:  Arabic,Bosnian,Croatian,English,French,Polish,Portuguese,Serbian,Spanish,Swedish
Cultures:  African,African-American,All,Arabic,Central American,Guatemalan,Hispanic,Latin American,Mexican,Norwegian,Palestinian,Polish,Syrian
Street:  111 E. Kirby St.
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48202
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 871-8600
Fax No:  (313) 871-1651
Organization Overview:  The Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC) is a resource center for advocates seeking equal justice for Michigan's immigrants. MIRC works to build a thriving Michigan where immigrant communities are fully integrated and respected.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All
Street:  3030 S. 9th Street, Suite 1B
City/Township:  Kalamazoo
State:  MI
Zip Code:  49009
Country:  USA
Phone:  (269) 492-7196
Fax No:  (269) 492-7198
Organization Overview:  The Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC) is a resource center for advocates seeking equal justice for Michigan's immigrants. MIRC works to build a thriving Michigan where immigrant communities are fully integrated and respected. In order to realize this mission the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center: Builds capacity through education and training about immigration law and the complex relationship between immigration status and immigrants' rights in areas including access to public benefits, family law and child welfare, civil rights, and worker's rights. Answers questions and provides technical support to attorneys and advocates serving low-income immigrants. Recruits, trains, and mentors volunteer pro bono attorneys. Leads systematic advocacy to advance the rights of low-income immigrants and their families. Tracks and analyzes legislative and legal developments related to immigration law and immigrants' rights. Builds coalition among immigrant advocacy and other social justice and civil rights organizations statewide. Represents individual clients in priority areas including naturalization and citizenship matters and the rights of survivors of domestic violence, refugees, and unaccompanied minors. Promotes respect and understanding among immigrants and receiving communities through our Welcoming Michigan initiative. Represents clients in impact cases involving violations of civil rights by law enforcement or government entities, access to public benefits for immigrants and children of immigrants, the unauthorized practice of immigration law, and any other civil legal issue relating to immigration status. The Michigan Immigrant Rights Center is one of several statewide advocacy programs created by the Michigan Advocacy Program, formerly Legal Services of South Central Michigan. The Michigan Advocacy Program's direct service components are Legal Services of South Central Michigan and Farmworker Legal Services. MAP provides administrative services to several statewide programs, including MIRC. These statewide programs are all housed at Michigan PLP, LLC.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All
Street:  220 E. Huron Street, Suite 600A
City/Township:  Ann Arbor
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48104
Country:  USA
Phone:  (734) 239-6863
Fax No:  (734) 998-9125
Organization Name:  One Michigan
Organization Overview:  One Michigan is an organization led by immigrant youth and supported by strong allies. We work towards providing resources to immigrant communities through organizing, education, and empowerment. We answer to and are driven by the needs of our community.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All,Hispanic
State:  Michigan
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 721-5056
Organization Overview:  The PACCM shall operate, manage and maintain the community center and the Filipino School and shall promote, advance and preserve the Filipino culture, traditions, values and heritage by providing services and programs for the benefit of the community at large.
Language:  English,Tagalog
Cultures:  Filipino
Street:  17356 Northland Park Court
City/Township:  Southfield
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48075
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 443-7037
Fax No:  (248) 424-7464
Website:  http://paccm.org
Organization Name:  Piast Institute
Organization Overview:  Begun as a research and policy center, Piast Institute has evolved into a community nonprofit offering community leadership for the Polish community at large, as well as the general Hamtramck community.
Language:  English,Polish
Cultures:  East European,Polish
Street:  11633 Joseph Campau
City/Township:  Hamtramck
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48212
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 733-4535
Fax No:  (313) 733-4527
Organization Overview:  Refugees are people forced to leave their country of residence because of war or political turmoil. We are Michigan's largest private refugee resettlement organization. We provide sponsorship, immigration assistance, legal services and assistance with resettlement and acculturation. Since the mid-1970s, we have resettled thousands of refugees. Resettlement Services We lead newly arrived refugees through their confusing first months in the United States. We: •provide a furnished house or apartment •enroll the children in school •help the refugees apply for Social Security cards and other necessary documents. •assist with cultural and social integration into the community •refer the new arrivals to training in English as a second language •assist with family reunification Employment Services We are Michigan's primary contractor for job development and placement, vocational English language training and citizenship services. We provide: •job skills training •vocational English language training (VELT) •translation/interpretation services •help with social adjustment •outreach and referral Most refugees are punctual and reliable, honest and trustworthy, highly productive and quick to learn. They are very appreciative of the opportunity to work, so they are dedicated to their employers and get along well with co-workers. If you can employ refugees at your business in Southeastern Michigan, contact Belmin Pinjic, bpin@lssm.org or (248) 423-2790. In West Michigan, contact Chris Cavanaugh, ccava@lssm.org or (616) 356-1934. Employers who hire refugees may qualify for tax credits or grants to provide tools and uniforms for refugees. The federal Match Grant program in Detroit and Grand Rapids, offers incentives to refugees who find work quickly and do not need to rely on public assistance. The program provides employment training, placement and transportation. Translation Services We can translate documents from the following languages into English: Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, Romanian, Russian and Serbian. Documents can also be translated from English into any of these languages. Legal Services We offer professional, immigration legal services for refugees, asylees and immigrants at nominal fees, to help them in achieve independence and stability in the United States. These services include assistance with adjustment of status, naturalization, travel documents, and family visa petitions. The program has an accredited representative on staff who is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), as well as interns who are students at local law schools. Coming soon: citizenship training classes to prepare naturalization applicants for the Civics and English portions of the naturalization test. School Impact Program We serve as a liaison with local K-12 schools, helping students with English instruction, translation and social adjustment. We help refugee parents understand the school environment and become more involved in their children’s education, and also provide support and resources for teachers of refugee students. - See more at: http://www.lssm.org/refugee#sthash.5f5iny1z.dpuf
Language:  Arabic,Armenian,Assyrian,Bosnian,Chaldean,English,Farsi/Persian,French,German,Kurdish,Nepali,Romanian,Russian,Turkish
Cultures:  Arabic,Assyrian,Bosnian,Chaldean,Iraqi,Refugees or Asylees
Street:  2170 E. Big Beaver Rd.
City/Township:  Troy
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48083
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 663-0710
Fax No:  (248) 423-3023
Email:  vcizm@lssm.org
Organization Overview:  Foster and strengthen Thai Community
Language:  Thai
Cultures:  Thai
Street:  2875 Woodcreek Way
City/Township:  Bloomfield Hills
State:  MI USA
Zip Code:  48304
Country:  USA
Phone:  (419) 464-9757
Fax No:  (248) 690-7461