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The Welcome Mat allows you to search our on-line database for immigrant services, agencies, clubs, groups, institutions, and resources to meet your needs.  Integrate or connect with an immigrant community. Live local, but connect global!  Find ethnic or international events happening in Southeast Michigan.  How can we help you today?


Organization Overview:  ACA is dedicated to the mission of advancing the social, political, economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. Their Goals are: Promote active participation of Chinese/Asian Pacific Americans in both civic and national matters; secure social justice, equal opportunity, and equal treatment of Asian Pacific Americans; Bridge the social, economic gaps amoung Asian Americans; Eliminate prejudices and stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans; Promote the cultural heritage of Chinese and all APA; Promote the coalition building between Asians and mainstream organizations; serve the community through education and service regardless of race, creed, and ethnicities; maintain effective communication with ACA members and the community at large.
Language:  Mandarin Chinese,English,Mandarin Chinese
Cultures:  Chinese
Street:  21885 Dunham Road, Suite 6
City/Township:  Clinton Township
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48036
Country:  USA
Phone:  (586) 307-8984
Organization Overview:  For Hispanic families residing in Oakland County the culture change can make day-to-day living difficult. Hispanic Outreach provides services, referrals, educational and skill- building programs for Hispanic parents and children to help them adjust to life in a new country.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All,American,Central American,Dominican,Guatemalan,Hispanic,Honduran,Latin American,Mexican,Puerto Rican
Street:  76 Williams St.
City/Township:  Pontiac
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48341
Country:  USA
Phone:  (855) 88-CCSEM (22736)
Fax No:  (248) 335-8130
Email:  info@ccsem.org
Organization Name:  Freedom House
Organization Overview:  Freedom House is a temporary home for survivors of persecution from around the world seeking legal asylum in the United States and Canada. We are the only agency in the United States that provides all services needed by those fleeing persecution in their home country Each year, hundreds of men, women and children arrive at Freedom House seeking shelter and help in rebuilding their lives in safety and freedom. They typically arrive exhausted, hungry and traumatized, with little more than the clothes they are wearing. Freedom House has the capacity to house 35 people at a time as they seek asylum. However, we take great pride in not turning away anyone who is eligible for asylum, which means we nearly always operate above capacity.
Language:  English,French,Spanish
Cultures:  All
Street:  2630 W. Lafayette
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48216
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 964-4320
Fax No:  (313) 963-1077
Organization Overview:  Jewish Family Service is dedicated to helping individuals and families cope, survive and thrive in an ever-changing world. We are focused on the needs of the Jewish Community, while providing services to all.
Language:  English,Russian,Ukrainian
Cultures:  All,American,East European,Jewish,Russian,Ukrainian
Street:  6555 W. Maple Rd.
City/Township:  West Bloomfield
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48322
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 592-2300
Organization Overview:  Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development, Inc. (LA SED), is a 501c3 non-profit agency serving Hispanics and residents of Southwest Detroit since 1969. LA SED assists people of all ages with variety of bilingual services. LA SED’s leadership efforts are realized through the development programs addressing the issues that affect the diverse ethnic groups living in our community. At LA SED, we view each individual as a person of worth and dignity entitled to every courtesy. We strive to be prompt, courteous and accurate in the performance of our duties. LAS SED’s programs are funded by United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Ford Fund, the City of Detroit, MDOT, other foundations, corporations and private donations. At LA SED, we believe that by work together we can make a difference. LA SED, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and program operator and does not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, height, marital status, arrest with out conviction, disability, political affiliation, immigration status or belief.
Language:  English,Italian,Spanish
Cultures:  Afro-Caribbean,American,Caribbean,Central American,Cuban,Dominican,Guatemalan,Haitian,Hispanic,Honduran,Latin American,Mexican,Nicaraguan,Peruvian,Puerto Rican,Salvadoran,Venezuelan
Street:  4138 W. Vernor
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48209
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 554-2025
Fax No:  (313) 554-3246
Organization Overview:  The PACCM shall operate, manage and maintain the community center and the Filipino School and shall promote, advance and preserve the Filipino culture, traditions, values and heritage by providing services and programs for the benefit of the community at large.
Language:  English,Tagalog
Cultures:  Filipino
Street:  17356 Northland Park Court
City/Township:  Southfield
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48075
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 443-7037
Fax No:  (248) 424-7464
Website:  http://paccm.org
Organization Name:  Piast Institute
Organization Overview:  Begun as a research and policy center, Piast Institute has evolved into a community nonprofit offering community leadership for the Polish community at large, as well as the general Hamtramck community.
Language:  English,Polish
Cultures:  East European,Polish
Street:  11633 Joseph Campau
City/Township:  Hamtramck
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48212
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 733-4535
Fax No:  (313) 733-4527
Organization Name:  Polish American Congress
Organization Overview:  Serves to support local Polish American community at national and local level; Serves to facilitate Polish political awareness at various levels of government.
Language:  English,Polish
Cultures:  Polish
Street:  11333 Joseph Campau
City/Township:  Hamtramck
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48212-3038
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 721-3369
Fax No:  (313) 365-9474
Organization Overview:  Created in November 1996 the Senegalese Association Of Michigan is a support organization for Senegalese Americans and their families. SAOM was established for the purpose of facilitating the cultural, social and personal development of its members and their communities. The mission of SAOM is to: • Establish a support network for Senegalese Americans • Promote cultural, social and educational activities • Promote economic development and community building • Promote diversity by bridging American and Senegalese communities • Provide financial assistance to community members in difficulty
Language:  English,French
Cultures:  African,Senegalese,West African
Street:  18218 W. McNichols
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48219
Country:  USA
Phone:  (734) 502-7007
Email:  mail@saom.org
Organization Overview:  We've all seen the devastating images of the millions of Syrians being brutalized by war, displaced from their homes, and then driven to other countries, many of which are simply too overwhelmed to provide for them. We pledge to marshal the volunteer efforts across the state to address the needs of incoming refugees. Please join us in this effort to help bring comfort and safety to these families and children who are running for their lives. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide humanitarian and economic support to refugees as they reach self-sufficiency in Michigan. Established in 2015, the Syrian American Rescue Network (SARN) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to assist refugees on their journey through cultural adjustment with the goal of assisting refugees in becoming self-sufficient in the State of Michigan. Our team is made up of passionate individuals working hard to create a peaceful and just world. We are a community-based nonprofit organization that aims to restore hope and opportunity for refugee families. Our members and volunteers are passionate, generous and committed to this mission. The group does not have a political or religious affiliation. Our resettlement program provides humanitarian and economic support to refugees in reaching self-sufficiency in Michigan. We achieve this goal through linking refugees with employment services, housing, English education, furniture and household items, transportation, assistance with emergencies, and acculturation advice and consultation. We seek to work with a network of providers in Metro Detroit to advocate and strengthen social services for refugees living in the city and surrounding suburbs. Currently SARN is focused on helping the Syrian families arriving in Southeast Michigan.
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  Arabic,Kurdish,Syrian
Street:  P.O. Box 7469
City/Township:  Bloomfield Hills
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48302
Country:  USA
Organization Overview:  Foster and strengthen Thai Community
Language:  Thai
Cultures:  Thai
Street:  2875 Woodcreek Way
City/Township:  Bloomfield Hills
State:  MI USA
Zip Code:  48304
Country:  USA
Phone:  (419) 464-9757
Fax No:  (248) 690-7461
Organization Overview:  Since 1961, the Chaldean American Ladies of Charity (CALC) has continually assisted the needy families of the metro Detroit area. The CALC is a nonprofit charitable organization that operates with over 98% of donations going directly to the less fortunate. We focus our efforts on enhancing the lives of the people in our community. Our time and volunteer efforts are spent helping those in need, encouraging our youth, providing care for senior citizens, and maintaining our culture within the diverse community in which we live. Metro Detroit’s 120,000 Chaldeans are the largest concentration outside the Middle East. The community’s growth spanning a century reflects economic, social and geopolitical factors. The majority of Chaldean Americans live in Michigan, although there are many in Illinois, Arizona, California and other countries like Australia, England and Mexico. Although Chaldean Americans constitute the bulk of Iraqi immigrants living in the United States, they represent less than 10 percent of the population of Iraq. While the vast majority of Iraqis, are Arab Muslim, Chaldeans are Roman Catholic. They also differ from other Iraqis in that their ancestral language is not Arabic but a dialect of Aramaic, also referred to as Chaldean, Assyrian or Syriac. The country of Chaldea was an ancient land in southern Babylonia, on the Persian Gulf near the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the Middle East. In biblical times the name was applied to all of Babylonia & Mesopotamia. It is present day Iraq. CALC MISSION STATEMENT We are Chaldean American women energized by working together and with others to provide help and hope to those in need. We strive to preserve our heritage and enrich the community through awareness and advocacy, education and advice, and emotional and economic support. Our vision is to strengthen and preserve the Chaldean family by ensuring that all generations have access to necessary resources and services. The CALC has many volunteers that spend a substantial amount of time helping others and trying to raise funds and awareness of our mission. If you’d like to volunteer your time with the CALC, click here to fill out a volunteer information form. We appreciate your help!
Language:  Arabic,Chaldean,English
Cultures:  All,Arabic,Chaldean,Iraqi,Multicultural,Syrian
Street:  2033 Austin Drive
City/Township:  Troy
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48083
Country:  USA
Phone:  248) 528-0130