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The Welcome Mat allows you to search our on-line database for immigrant services, agencies, clubs, groups, institutions, and resources to meet your needs.  Integrate or connect with an immigrant community. Live local, but connect global!  Find ethnic or international events happening in Southeast Michigan.  How can we help you today?

Tax Services

Organization Name:  Accounting Aid Society
Organization Overview:  Provides tax assistance and promotes the economic self-sufficiency of low to middle income families, seniors and others in need through volunteerism and partnerships. We help struggling families prepare taxes and recover millions in refunds and credits annually. In this way, we help families stay in their homes, keep their utilities turned on, put food on the table, and save for the future. Tax services are available year-round. Eligibility for the free service is based on annual income. The agency also has a year-round Low Income Taxpayer Clinic that provides assistance and representation for low-income taxpayers who have controversies with the IRS. In addition, an ESL Education and Outreach program provides tax education and outreach for taxpayers who speak English as a second language, regardless of income.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All
Street:  7700 Second Avenue, Suite 314
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48202
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 556-1920 or 866-673-0873 (toll-free)
Fax No:  (313) 556-1941
Organization Overview:  ACA is dedicated to the mission of advancing the social, political, economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. Their Goals are: Promote active participation of Chinese/Asian Pacific Americans in both civic and national matters; secure social justice, equal opportunity, and equal treatment of Asian Pacific Americans; Bridge the social, economic gaps amoung Asian Americans; Eliminate prejudices and stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans; Promote the cultural heritage of Chinese and all APA; Promote the coalition building between Asians and mainstream organizations; serve the community through education and service regardless of race, creed, and ethnicities; maintain effective communication with ACA members and the community at large.
Language:  Cantonese,Mandarin Chinese,English,Mandarin Chinese
Cultures:  Asian,Chinese
Street:  32585 Concord Dr.
City/Township:  Madison Heights
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48071
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 585-9343
Fax No:  (888) 708-2739
Organization Overview:  For Hispanic families residing in Oakland County the culture change can make day-to-day living difficult. Hispanic Outreach provides services, referrals, educational and skill- building programs for Hispanic parents and children to help them adjust to life in a new country.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All,American,Central American,Dominican,Guatemalan,Hispanic,Honduran,Latin American,Mexican,Puerto Rican
Street:  76 Williams St.
City/Township:  Pontiac
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48341
Country:  USA
Phone:  (855) 88-CCSEM (22736)
Fax No:  (248) 335-8130
Email:  info@ccsem.org
Organization Overview:  Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development, Inc. (LA SED), is a 501c3 non-profit agency serving Hispanics and residents of Southwest Detroit since 1969. LA SED assists people of all ages with variety of bilingual services. LA SED’s leadership efforts are realized through the development programs addressing the issues that affect the diverse ethnic groups living in our community. At LA SED, we view each individual as a person of worth and dignity entitled to every courtesy. We strive to be prompt, courteous and accurate in the performance of our duties. LAS SED’s programs are funded by United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Ford Fund, the City of Detroit, MDOT, other foundations, corporations and private donations. At LA SED, we believe that by work together we can make a difference. LA SED, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and program operator and does not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, height, marital status, arrest with out conviction, disability, political affiliation, immigration status or belief.
Language:  English,Italian,Spanish
Cultures:  Afro-Caribbean,American,Caribbean,Central American,Cuban,Dominican,Guatemalan,Haitian,Hispanic,Honduran,Latin American,Mexican,Nicaraguan,Peruvian,Puerto Rican,Salvadoran,Venezuelan
Street:  4138 W. Vernor
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48209
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 554-2025
Fax No:  (313) 554-3246
Organization Overview:  The PACCM shall operate, manage and maintain the community center and the Filipino School and shall promote, advance and preserve the Filipino culture, traditions, values and heritage by providing services and programs for the benefit of the community at large.
Language:  English,Tagalog
Cultures:  Filipino
Street:  17356 Northland Park Court
City/Township:  Southfield
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48075
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 443-7037
Fax No:  (248) 424-7464
Website:  http://paccm.org
Organization Overview:  Refugees are people forced to leave their country of residence because of war or political turmoil. We are Michigan's largest private refugee resettlement organization. We provide sponsorship, immigration assistance, legal services and assistance with resettlement and acculturation. Since the mid-1970s, we have resettled thousands of refugees. Resettlement Services We lead newly arrived refugees through their confusing first months in the United States. We: •provide a furnished house or apartment •enroll the children in school •help the refugees apply for Social Security cards and other necessary documents. •assist with cultural and social integration into the community •refer the new arrivals to training in English as a second language •assist with family reunification Employment Services We are Michigan's primary contractor for job development and placement, vocational English language training and citizenship services. We provide: •job skills training •vocational English language training (VELT) •translation/interpretation services •help with social adjustment •outreach and referral Most refugees are punctual and reliable, honest and trustworthy, highly productive and quick to learn. They are very appreciative of the opportunity to work, so they are dedicated to their employers and get along well with co-workers. If you can employ refugees at your business in Southeastern Michigan, contact Belmin Pinjic, bpin@lssm.org or (248) 423-2790. In West Michigan, contact Chris Cavanaugh, ccava@lssm.org or (616) 356-1934. Employers who hire refugees may qualify for tax credits or grants to provide tools and uniforms for refugees. The federal Match Grant program in Detroit and Grand Rapids, offers incentives to refugees who find work quickly and do not need to rely on public assistance. The program provides employment training, placement and transportation. Translation Services We can translate documents from the following languages into English: Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, Romanian, Russian and Serbian. Documents can also be translated from English into any of these languages. Legal Services We offer professional, immigration legal services for refugees, asylees and immigrants at nominal fees, to help them in achieve independence and stability in the United States. These services include assistance with adjustment of status, naturalization, travel documents, and family visa petitions. The program has an accredited representative on staff who is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), as well as interns who are students at local law schools. Coming soon: citizenship training classes to prepare naturalization applicants for the Civics and English portions of the naturalization test. School Impact Program We serve as a liaison with local K-12 schools, helping students with English instruction, translation and social adjustment. We help refugee parents understand the school environment and become more involved in their children’s education, and also provide support and resources for teachers of refugee students. - See more at: http://www.lssm.org/refugee#sthash.5f5iny1z.dpuf
Language:  Arabic,Armenian,Assyrian,Bosnian,Chaldean,English,Farsi/Persian,French,German,Kurdish,Nepali,Romanian,Russian,Turkish
Cultures:  Arabic,Assyrian,Bosnian,Chaldean,Iraqi,Refugees or Asylees
Street:  2170 E. Big Beaver Rd.
City/Township:  Troy
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48083
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 663-0710
Fax No:  (248) 423-3023
Email:  vcizm@lssm.org
Organization Overview:  Foster and strengthen Thai Community
Language:  Thai
Cultures:  Thai
Street:  2875 Woodcreek Way
City/Township:  Bloomfield Hills
State:  MI USA
Zip Code:  48304
Country:  USA
Phone:  (419) 464-9757
Fax No:  (248) 690-7461
Organization Name:  Voces
Organization Overview:  Many voices, one community Mission: To promote an inclusive society by providing Latino/Hispanic families with opportunities and resources that lead to individual and community transformation. Vision: The Latino/Hispanic community reaches its full potential and is united and engaged in the economic, social, cultural and civic life of the greater Battle Creek community.
Language:  Arabic,Burmese,English,Japanese,Portuguese,Spanish
Cultures:  Central American,Hispanic,Latin American,Spanish
Street:  520 W. Michigan Ave
City/Township:  Battle Creek
State:  MI
Zip Code:  49037
Country:  USA
Phone:  (269) 841-4111
Fax No:  (269) 841-5070